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28th AMERICA's CUP 1992  San Diego, USA
Il Moro de Venecia I: AC I-1:. The first yacht in the new IACC class  
Yacht / Country	    IL MORO DI VENEZIA I/ Italy	 Sail Number	    AC   /  I - 1 Syndicate :          Il Moro di Venezia Syndicate	 Yacht Club:          Compania Della Vela Yacht Club, Venice	 CEO	                   Raul Gardini	 Designer :	           German Freres	 Boat Builder :      Tencara at Porto Marghera	 Skipper: 1992
The famous Argentinian  naval architect German Frers designed numerous commercial yachts. From 1976 to 1987 he drew for Raul Gardini the third of the 3 successful Maxi-Yachts, called “ Il Moro de Venecia I-III “ as well. ITA-1 the first yacht built according the new IACC-rule, looks a little bit like these Maxi-designs. As the famous logo of the “can” was not published yet, the sail was marked with an underlined AC  like the former 12 . “ Il Moro de Venecia I “ / ITA-1 was christened in Venice with an impressive ceremony. She never sailed in the LVC. ITA-1 was fourth at the World Championships, but was primarily used as a trial boat for improvements to the later models. In 1994 she was leased by a Russian challenger and sailed again in the World Championship with the sail number RUS-1 and an impressive red spinnaker with the golden “Tencara lion” (see below). He had paid the first part of the AC entrance fee but gave up because of money problems. In 1998 she has been bought by a Chicago businessman as a daysailer. In 2000 she was sold to a businessman in Sausalito,California. She began as a sailing-billboard (sails with banners) and in the tourist charter. She was in good condition, but was painted in a swimming pool-like turquoise.
Il Moro di Venecia" means in English "The Moor of Venice" in accordance  to "Othello". At the bow and the stern she carries as a symbolic drawing a head of a lion, the emblem of Venice. This is also the company logo of the Tencara shipyard.
The famous Argentinian  naval architect German Frers designed numerous commercial yachts.
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