Der The Louis Vuitton Cup 2002/03
USA-76 verlor das Finale des LVC 2002/03
SUI-64 gewann das LVC Finale und auch den AC2003
Syndicate/Team Alinghi America's Cup 2003 BMW Oracle OneWorld Challenge Prada Challenge
Skipper  Russell Coutts John Cutler, Peter Holmberg Peter Gilmour Francesco de Angelis
Yacht Alinghi BMW Oracle OneWorld Luna Rossa
Sail # SUI 64 and 75 USA-76, 71 USA-67, 65 ITA-74, ,80
Yacht Club Societe Nautique de Geneve Golden Gate YC Seattle Yacht Club YC Punta Ala
LVC 2002/03  all 9 challengers and their ranking after RR2
© K. Urtz 2013
For the Louis Vuitton Cup (LVC)2002/2003 the rule has been changed. The goal was  that strong team must not sail for the win in countless races to compete then as the winner -exhausted in men and material - against a rested defender. First, the teams sail against each other in 2 Round Robins (RR) for points. From the quarter-finals onwards 2 teams each sail in 7 races (best of seven) in the k.o. System against each other The 8 challengers in the quarter-finals were divided into 2 groups, which were called for better understanding "Blue A, Blue B" and " Blue C and Blue D". The 4 best teams (with the most points after the 2nd RR) came into the Blue Groups A, B, Should they be defeated in a k.o. Round they have the chance for a win in a Repêchage Round and to continue the LVC. The remaining 4 weaker teams came into the Blue Group C, D. Under certain conditions, the 4 strongest syndicates can choose their opponents (also from Blue C, D) or skip a regatta. A limited possibility has the 5th strongest team as well. A second  Repêchage Round was also established after the semifinals.
For the Louis Vuitton Cup (LVC)2002/2003 the rule has been changed.
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