K. Urtz 2013
The opponents of the semifinals
The opponents of the final
Australia II won the final and became the official challenger for the  AC 1983
                                                             The first Louis Vuitton Cup 1983 In this competition gathered all challenger to determine the winner who wiil challenge the  New York Yacht Club with its Liberty (US-40) for the Americas Cup 1983
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The elimination races between the AC challengers began in 1967 resp. 1970 as Baron Marcel Bich ( the Frenchman who scored his fortune with the BIC ball pens) nominated his challenge for 1970 but was put off by the NYYC  until 1974. Because there was already an Australian YC who had applyed his challenge. The infuriated Baron was able to persuade the NYYC to arrange for the future Challenger Selection Series where the winner only is entitled to challenge the AC defender. These regattas were held in 1970, 1974 and 1980. In 1983 the luxury luggage-producer Louis Vuitton donated a Cup and continued to sponsor and name these elimination races as Louis Vuitton Cup (LVC).