The team will be sponsored by PRADA respectively its owner. Patrizioio Bertrelli Luna Rossa Challenge has registered as the last challenger for the LVC 2013 and was so pressed for time. Therefore it has signed with Emirates Team NZ a so-called "strategic alliance". First they bought from New Zealanders for an undisclosed sum, the design of a wing together with its complex platform, but constructed itself its own wing and the head-sails. The hull was built in Italy, the rest in New Zealand. Luna Rossa trained in Auckland and moved in March 2013 to San Francisco. The alliance between the two teams moved in a gray area and was suspiciously watched by the two other teams. In the AC 45 World Series Luna Rossa has run two catamarans, the Piranha and the Swordfish. The construction of a second AC72 was questionable and at the end abandoned. The hulls  and parts of the wing are metallized and give the catamaran a mirror like appear.
Luna Rossa Challenge 2013  Challenger for the 34th America's Cup
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The extendible boom of the jacked-up car-crane has an estimated length of 55-60 m.