The first 4 AC72 catamaran The basic principle of that powerful multi-hull is similar to the AC45 catamaran. But the size requires far higher technical requirements. The parameters are as in all previous classes set by a rule In the drafting of Rule 72 was  the design and engineering office Morelli and Melvin involved. This company had a lot of experience in building catamarans. Among others they have been involved in the design of D.Conner's HS-3 catamaran and the pitch bow of Oracles BOR90.(2010). It is a "box rule" with narrow technical limits  but gives still each team the opportunity for some changes at the hulls, the wing, the head sails, the L-shaped underwater foils, the rudders  and the dragger-boards. During the first training phase 30 sailing days within the time from from 1 July 2012 up to 01.31.2013 have been authorized. The planned wing was originally 107 ft. = 33 m high (the mast in the IACC class is 32.5 m long). There were some considerations to introduce in the AC72 class a removable sail extension, too. But decided then to a 40 m long wing. The catamaran is steered by wheels, placed either on each hull or a platform amidships.(s.Oracle)
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Due to the short time interval of 3 years and the high technical and financial costs, only 4 teams will participate with AC72s in the Louis Vuitton resp. America's Cup. Oracle Racing (USA) – as the defender and the challengers  Emirates Team NZ (NZL), Artemis Racing (SWE) and Luna Rossa (ITA). Team Koreas challenge is questionable.
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