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USA-23 successful Defender of the AC 1992
ITA-25 unsuccessful Challenger of the AC
Since the syndicates  had no experience with  this class the wealthy teams ordered 3-5 yachts. Before the actual competition a World Championship was organized. This gave the teams the chance to try out their first designs or to test these boats in regattas.
The 28th America's Cup 1992
With the introduction of the new IACC class (International America's Cup Class) began a new era.
With the introduction of the new IACC class (International America's Cup Class) began a new era. The 12-m class became history. The new yachts designed for racing got a flat, wide and fast hull. The pressure on the powerful sails battered on a 32,5 m high mast was balanced by a fin keel with a heavy bulb of lead  up to 20 tons. 28 sail numbers were registered, and  27 yachts built. Number 13 was not issued..  Of these, five yachts sailed for the Citizen Cup and 8 for the Louis Vouitton Cup. The remaining 14 yachts  were test boats or even not used (e.g. SLO-4, RUS-24)
With their flat bottoms and the removable keels the IACC yachts could be transported by air-plane now, The huge Russian Antonow An-124 became the standard vehicle for many teams. The plane can load up to 120 tons with a take off weight up to 390 tons.
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* San Diego Boat Movers comment: The 1992 race in San Diego attracted many U.S. and international challengers. Inside this giant Antonov cargo plane at Lindburgh Field, San Diego, are a French and an Italian boat, along with their masts, keels, and other equipment..
28th AMERICA's CUP 1992  San Diego, USA